What Our Customers say about our Concrete Sealers, Cleaners, Epoxies, and Stains!

We have built a reputation as a dependable company that provides high quality concrete sealing and cleaning products. Many of our customers are repeat customers we have built relationships with. They know the products we manufacturer do the job we say they will and some times they respond with a letter of praise or a testimonial about the products. We are proud of our track record and we look forward to serving our customers in the future.

These walls were in terrible condition...

It has been about seven months now since we first applied your product, Endur-O-Seal to our basement walls. These walls were in terrible condition, stained from dampness and mildew, and covered with efflorescence. Your very detailed instructions and willingness to help us with our questions is greatly appreciated, and now have a basement which is bright, clean and dry. The Endur-O-Seal enabled us to prime and paint the walls a nice bright white, turning the room from a dingy dungeon to a nice office area and storage room. We want to thank you and wish you the best in promoting and selling what we think is the best product on the market for sealing concrete.

- Robert E.
Bellevue, Ohio

I have applied Endur-O-Seal to basement floors and walls, using a simple garden sprayer...

I have recently moved to a new house. Unfortunately, there was a problem: The radon concentration in the basement was 9.6 pCi/L - more than double of the EPA limit! The installation of a radon-remediation system would cost me $1,200 plus the future fan maintenance headache, unsightly piping, electricity consumption and the loss of heated air.

I wanted a better solution and did some research. I have applied Endur-O-Seal to basement floors and walls, using a simple garden sprayer, and filled all corners with a sealant. It worked! the radon level has dropped dramatically to 1.6 pCi/l - a very safe level.

Thanks for the great product and for saving me quite a bit of money!

-Joe C.
Shelton, CT

Refreshing... someone who takes the time and effort to explain in detail the question presented...

First I must comment on your candor, it is truly refreshing to make contact with someone who takes the time and effort to explain in detail the question presented, I myself has always tried to be such an individual, as a retired Electrician I am left with a great deal of knowledge on the subject and before and after retirement I was always willing to share my knowledge, so I thank you for sharing your knowledge on this subject , I will keep you in mind in the future. Thanks again!

-Jay K.

Really, really works, even on fiber mesh concrete...

You will be happy to know that EOS HS really, really works, even on “fiber mesh” concrete. This morning I changed the oil filter on Sharon’s station wagon and mistakenly picked up the wrong oil filter, and guess what? When I started the car all 4 quarts came pouring out. No harm done to the engine, and the bulk of the oil was cleaned up with kitty litter. No oil stain on the concrete either. Must be good stuff!!!

- Jim S.
Surry, NH

We did not have any problems applying it, nor any problems after we sealed it!

We have used your product Endur-O-Seal with very satisfactory success. We were having moisture migration problems that negatively affected our floor covering. After stripping the floor we did a light acid wash on the total area we were to treat with EOS Hydra Seal and Hydra Loc.

After etching and neutralizing we allowed the floor to dry and applied one (1) application of Hydraseal. We let this cure 12 hours and wet mopped thoroughly removing and purged pollutants. We then applied EOS Hydra Loc 2 separate times mopping in between applications. We allowed the sealer to cure well, checked for any moisture and applied our new floor. We did not have any problems applying the new covering nor have we had any problems after we sealed it.

-Mr. Coleman
Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Facilities Division

More testimonials received by our partner applicators

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on a job well done.

The applications of the Endur-O-Seal products have outperformed our expectations. We have noticed a remarkable difference in the maintenance of out warehouse floor. Our tenants, who work with a lot of hydraulic fluids, have been impressed with the ease of clean up following spills.

Again, thank you for helping us care for something that gets the most wear and tear in our building, THE FLOORS.

-David Fitchett, President
Carolina Glass & Mirror, Inc.

To: Dan McQueen of Carolina Power Wash - Snow and Ice removal is now a snap, just lifts off with a shovel...

We had two of our service station / convenience stores concrete drives sealed with concrete sealer from Safe and Clean in Kalamazoo, MI. Both concrete drives were sealed in early December, 1998 along with a car wash that was at one of the stations. We immediately noticed a tremendous change after the sealers were applied and when it rained afterward. The treated drives both appear Dry&8221 in appearance. The rain water ran off and never affected the appearance. Oil, gas, and other liquids that would normally stain the concrete, lay on the top and appear to be disappearing over time. Snow and ice removal is now a snap and just lifts off with a shovel making removal quick and easy. Salt also does not penetrate the concrete.

-Art C.
Battle Creek, MI

To date there has been no cracking, peeling or leaking...

This letter is in response to your request regarding our satisfaction with the work done at the Landing Mall in Port Angeles. Advanced Cement Technology came to us with a proposal to try their product at the Port of Port Angeles, multipurpose building on the waterfront. The building, as you know, is partially on a dock and partially on a water front fill. The building is subject to movement at its approaches and entrances and also has an upper level parking area that causes movement from traffic. The two entrances repaired have had extensive concrete cracking and leaking. Advanced Cement Technology was giving a contract and in two days they came in and repaired, and colored both entries without causing any disruption to out building tenants or their businesses.

We have been satisfied with the work performed and to date there has been no cracking, peeling or leaking. The work has been resistant to any deterioration due to chemicals used to de-ice during snow and ice conditions.

-Clyde Boddy, Deputy Executive Director
Port of Port Angeles

Even more testimonials from our partner dealers and distributors

To: Endur-O-Seal NE

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with Endur-O-Seal. We had an elevator pit that was 5’ below the high water table and the water was getting by the hydraulic cement. After talking with you and our subsequent use of Endur-O-Seal I am happy to say we now have a 100% dry pit. Again thanks for your help and I expect to be using Endur-O-Seal on future projects.

-Rick Silva, Owner
Artisan Renovations & Construction

To: Aegis Coating Technologies

When we selected a shop-floor coating for our newest building, we chose Exi-Guard® CSX2O for several reasons. We know it is highly effective against oil, solvents and grease penetration, and it's water-based.

-Bill Oliver, VP/GM Maintenance
Kirby Inland Marine, Channelview, TX

To: Aegis Coating Technologies

After we stopped using our solvent based sealers due to EPA concerns, we tried products from a variety of manufacturers. Exi-Guard® BBS outperforms other water-based sealers and, in our opinion, is the best product for ground face block.

-Marvin Green, Architectural Masonry Coordinator
Metromont Materials Corp., Asheville, NC

To: Aegis Coating Technologies

When we are applying the sealer to our pre-cast and another sealer is specifies in our contract, I'll try to get them to change it to Exi-Guard® CSX2O. It has the least tendancy to stain or discolor and it does the job. I know within three hours if it's been applied uniformly.

-Dale Mozisek, Manager
Redondo Manufacturing, San Antonio, TX

To: Aegis Coating Technologies

I put Exi-Guard® down as a curing compound as well as a sealer and it protects the surface during construction. It's definitely one of the better products I've used in the last 20 years.

-Butch Lollar, General Superintendent
Swinerton & Wahlberg Builders

To: Aegis Coating Technologies

We've used Exi-Clean® (EOS All Purpose Efflorescence Cleaner) and Exi-Guard® CSX2O penetrating sealer to clean and seal mildewed and soiled stucco surfaces on a building adjacent to a heavily traveled freeway. Not only were we impressed with the ease of application or the product, but after two years there is no discoloration or staining. The treated surfaces are mildew-free, waterproof and continue to perform well.

-Greg Hughes, AIA, NCARB, Partner
Page Southerland Page, Houston, TX

To: Aegis Coating Technologies

We've used Exi-Guard® sealers on several brick buildings on campus, as well as in concrete patching and repairs on our coliseum. The durability and waterproofing characteristics of the products are exceptional and the treated surfaces look every bit as good today as they did four or five years ago.

-Keith Bridge, Facilities Engineer
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

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