Do not let your beautiful pool fall apart right in front of your eyes.

Sealing Pool Decks Before - Endur-O-Seal
Damage to a pool deck that has not been properly sealed can become quite extensive over time.

Since not all ponds and pools are constructed with the same materials, it is difficult to recommend one specific product. Whether it be standard concrete, gunite, plaster (aka marcite or whitecoat), exposed aggregate, or even quartz (popular brand names such as Diamond Brite, Marquis, Kristal Krete, and Gem Coat), we have a solution.

What are the benefits of sealing your pool and pool deck?

Sealing your pool and pool deck with EOS systems will rapidly bead and shed water, greases, and oils to the surface of your material. Any mold or algae buildup can be easily rinsed from the surface.

Sealing Pool Decks After - Endur-O-Seal
Your pool deck will remain beautiful for years when sealed with Endur-O-Seal products.

What sealer is best for my pool and pool deck material?

You can use the following list as a guideline but before you start your project, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you get the correct products to complete your job.

  • Exposed Aggregate - Poly Top Seal CS-20+
  • Broom Finished Concrete - Poly Top Seal CSx-20
  • Pool interior - Poly Top Seal CSx-20
  • Limestone - EOS LsT Stone Sealer
  • Stamped, Colored, or Smooth Finish Concrete - Poly Top Seal CS-20