Poly Masonry Sealer M-2O PLUS

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Part Number:EOS-PMS-M-20-Plus-5gal

EOS Poly Masonry Sealer M-2O PLUS (5 Gallon)

EOS Poly Masonry Sealer M-2O PLUS, is a high technology, waterborne deep penetrating Polysiloxane sealer that is fast acting and made specifically for Clay Masonry building faces, floors, walks and other structures to protect against damage due to water penetration.

EOS M-2O PLUS will seal out moisture and still allow the clay product to breath and is applicable for:

  • Clay Brick
  • Clay Architectural Block
  • Clay "Saltillo Tile"
  • Clay "Quarry Tile"
  • Clay Ornamentals

EOS Poly Masonry Sealer M-2O PLUS provides longer lasting protection against efflorescence (alkali salts and lime leaching), staining due to atmospheric carbons, mold, mildew, rust, salts, chloride penetration, corrosion, acid rain, dampness, and water degradation. EOS Poly Masonry Sealer will shed or bead water from all clay products. M-2O PLUS must be thoroughly mixed prior to using, mixer is included with shipment.

EOS Poly Masonry Sealer M-2O PLUS is VOC compliant.

This product has a 45 day shelf life without the catalyst mixed. Once the catalyst has been added to the 5 gallon container, the shelf life is 15 days.