How to Clean Concrete: 7 Questions Answered

How to Clean Concrete: 7 Questions Answered

How clean is your concrete? Does it have a permanent green tint? Do you need to get rid of oil spots or has algae taken over your walkways? Are you asking your friends and family to park in the street because you haven’t found an effective concrete cleaner for your driveway?

Have you been trying to clean your concrete year after year only to decide that there is no way to restore your concrete to the “like new” look? After multiple cleanings, does your basement continue to produce mold and mildew? If you just knew what the best concrete cleaner is then you would know how to clean the concrete floor in your basement and get rid of the damp musty smell.

We have over 30 years of experience answering peoples questions about everything from how to clean up oil spots, to how effective are homemade concrete cleaners. We have put together this article to help answer some of those questions. Here are the 9 most common questions we have been asked about how to clean concrete.

1) Can I clean my concrete with a pressure washer?

Pressure washing just cleans the surface so it will only work if you are cleaning dirt or debris from on top of your concrete. Unfortunately, concrete is a porous material full of miniscule spaces that make it impossible to remove oil, dirt, mold, and other stains embedded in your concrete with surface cleaning only. In order to remove these deep, persistent stains rooted inside your concrete you will need to use a penetrating cleaner.

2) What is making my concrete green and how do I stop it?

Algae or mold discolors concrete and makes it turn green to black, Endur-O-Seal concrete cleaners will penetrate the concrete and kill this organic growth. After treating the concrete with our concrete cleaner you can now hose off or pressure wash the dead growth away. The next step is to seal your concrete with a penetrating concrete sealer to eliminate places for algae and mold to grow in the future.

3) How do I clean oil stains in my concrete driveway?

Our Oil-X-Out product is specifically designed to purge oil from deep within the concrete to the surface for removal. It is perfect for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Our concrete cleaner penetrates well beneath the surface of the concrete. It breaks down the oil into very small droplets that remain suspended in the cleaner and get lifted out as the solution works its way back to the surface.

There are 3 steps to removing oil from your concrete driveway:

  1. Remove the oil from the surface of the concrete.
  2. Pour Oil-X-Out over the concrete and work it in with a deck brush. After the Oil-X-Out has been worked into the concrete, leave it alone for 4 hours.
  3. Remove the purged oil and dispose according to state and federal guidelines.

4) Are concrete cleaners safe to use around my pool?

It depends on the cleaner. You can clean your pool deck and tile with our concrete cleaner and not affect pool water. The area’s to be cleaned can not have standing water and must be dry before cleaning.

5) Are your cleaners safe to use in areas where children play?

Yes, after the product is dried it is completely safe for children and pets. However, they should not be in the area while the cleaning is taking place.

6) Now that I have my concrete clean how do I keep it that way?

After you are finished cleaning your concrete, brick, and mortar it is important to apply a penetrating sealer to keep the same problems from recurring.

7) Where can I order concrete cleaning products?

Endur-O-Seal heavy duty concrete cleaners and concrete and masonry sealers are available for purchase through our website.

Do you have questions about cleaning your concrete?

Now you know how to clean oil stains from your concrete, get rid of mold and algae, and keep it looking the way it was when it was installed–but you still might have more questions. If you do and don’t see the answer here call 1-800-259-8855. Our staff is here to answer your questions, tell you if our products are right for your concrete clean up job, and help you with ordering.

Concrete Cleaning Products by ENDUR-O-SEAL® USA

Please consider our concrete cleaning products when you are ready to start your project. Each one is specially formulated for concrete age, texture, and basement moisture levels. To get help choosing the right products for cleaning your basement, call 1-800-259-8855.