Is your garage floor dirty, stained, and downright ugly?

Cleaning and Sealing Garage Floors Before - Endur-O-Seal
Most garage floors have a smooth finish and are not sealed by the contractor. This makes them highly susceptible to stains from oil and other liquid spills.

Endur-O-Seal can help you get your garage floor clean and keep it looking much better.

When applied, Hydra Seal reacts with the lime in your concrete, creating a gel; this gel expands and fills the pores of the concrete 3-5 inches below the surface. As this gel hardens and expands, any contaminates or impurities will be purged to the surface. This purging process can last up to 10 days. After this 10-day purging process the top sealer may be applied.

Poly Top Seal CS-20 is a penetrating top sealer that, when used in conjunction with Hydra Seal, forms an impenetrable barrier for your garage floor. The Poly Top Seal CS-20 will bead liquids on the surface of smooth concrete making for easy cleanup of oils and other spills that you may have in the future.

Cleaning and Sealing Garage Floors After - Endur-O-Seal
A penetrating sealer will help you get your garage floor clean and keep it looking much better.

What must I do to apply it?

First, you need a clean surface. Pressure washing the surface is preferred. After the surface is clean you will need a garden type pump up sprayer. Temperatures must be above 35 degrees throughout the sealing process.

  1. Wet the surface of the concrete with fresh water as to leave it damp. Avoid over application which will result in standing water on the surface.
  2. Apply 2 applications of Hydra Seal waiting 15-20 minutes between coats but no longer than 45 minutes.
  3. 6-8 hours after the final application of Hydra Seal, scrub the surface with fresh water and a stiff bristled deck brush. This will break down any residual sealer that is left on the surface.
  4. Allow Hydra Seal to complete the 10 day purging process; any contaminates or impurities my be swept or vacuumed from the surface.
  5. After 10 days have passed, apply two consecutive applications of Poly Top Seal CS-20 again, waiting 15-20 minutes between applications. The first application of Poly Top Seal CS-20 must still be damp when the second application is applied. Apply in sections if necessary.
  6. Stay off the concrete for at least 36 hours as to not damage the seal.


Paint or other products must be removed from the concrete. Usually this requires shot blasting, acid etching, sand blasting, dry ice blasting, or even the use of a good paint stripper.

Colored concrete can not be sealed with Hydra Seal as it may discolor the concrete or leave the color blotchy. You may use either Poly Top Seal CS-20 or the Poly Top Seal CS-20 Plus with no pre-sealer in this case.