Freezing water, road salts, and other contaminants will stain, pit, and crack your concrete driveway.

Sealing Driveways Before - Endur-O-Seal

Concrete is a porous material that water penetrates easily. When water freezes it expands with enough force to break your concrete driveway which causes flaking, pitting, and cracking. Road salts and other contaminants add to this problem and cause further pitting and staining damage. Sealing your concrete is the best solution for protecting and extending the lifetime of your driveway.

Poly Top Seal CS-2O is a penetrating top sealer and when used in conjunction with Hydra Loc forms an impenetrable barrier for your driveway.

Hydra Loc is a penetrating sealer that will lock up the pores of the concrete and keep water, salts, and other contaminates from seeping in. Poly Top Seal CS-2O will bead water and other liquids on the surface of smooth concrete. (On broom finished concrete you get the same protection but the surface of the concrete does not allow the liquid beads to form.)

What are the benefits of sealing your concrete driveway?

  • Limits the amount of water that your concrete will absorb.
  • Protection against staining, pitting, cracking, and breaking.
  • Does not take much time or money.
  • Keeps your concrete surfaces looking their best.
  • Oil and other liquids remain on the surface making for easier cleanup.

Sealing Driveways After - Endur-O-Seal

What must you do to apply it?

First you need a clean surface, pressure washing the surface is preferred. After the surface is clean you will need a garden type pump up sprayer. Temperatures must be above 35 degrees throughout sealing and curing process.

  1. Wet the surface of the concrete with water but do no leave standing water on the surface when applying the sealer.
  2. Apply the sealer with wet applications. 2 applications for HydraLoc with Poly Top Seal CS-2O over the top and 3 applications for Hydra Loc alone.
  3. After the first application of Hydra Loc is complete start over with the second application Hydra Loc perpendicular to the first, and if needed apply a third application of Hydra Loc after the second is completed.
  4. 48 hours after the last application of Hydra Loc hose of the concrete with clean water.
  5. Allow Hydra Loc to cure for 10 days, concrete must be dry when applying Poly Top Seal CS-2O.
  6. When concrete is dry then apply two consecutive applications of Poly Top Seal CS-2O. The first application of Poly Top Seal CS-2O must still be damp when the second application is applied. Apply in sections if necessary.
  7. Stay off the application of Poly Top Seal CS-2O for 36 hours.


Paint or other products must be removed from the concrete. Usually this requires shot blasting, sand blasting or dry ice blasting. Colored concrete cannot be sealed with Hydra Loc. It will discolor the concrete. You can use either the Poly Top Seal CS-2O or the Poly Top Seal CS-2O Plus.