20 Year Warranty

20 Year Mitigation Warranty

We stand behind our dependable, durable products!

Endur-O-Seal USA, Inc. will give you a 20 year warranty on all EOS System products if you have a wall or floor that fails the moisture migration test. If a wall or floor begins to seep water at any time throughout the 20 warranty Endur-O-Seal USA, Inc. shall have the right to supply you more product or refund the amount of your original purchase.

You must use the Endur-O-Seal system on poured concrete walls or concrete block walls and floor and apply it as per Endur-O-Seal preparation and application instructions. We require that you have the vapor transmission tested by a certified lab before and 180 days or more after sealing. If you have a problem you must send us pictures of the basement as well as copies of the before and after test reports. This warranty does not include fiber crete. Shipping can not be refunded and if free shipping was provided the actual shipping costs will be taken out of the refunded amount.

The following systems are covered under this warranty:

  • Hydra Seal / NCS-2O Negative System
  • Hydra Loc / NCS-2O Negative system

The following information is needed to obtain warranty:

  1. Name of purchaser
  2. Photo of concrete before application
  3. Delivery address of products
  4. Description of problem
  5. Photo of sealer failure area

Warranty info can be sent to:

Endur-O-Seal, USA Warranty
12502 Lazywood Lane
Pinehurst, TX 77362

EOS: shall in no way be responsible for any installation labor or preparation, acts of nature of (God), or inferior concrete. Damage caused by, but not limited to floods, fires, storms, cracks or voids resulting prior to and/or after product application due to substrate settling, expansion, heat, earth quakes, floods etc. will not be covered by the Manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any injury, loss, damage, direct or consequential, arising from the use of this product. The buyer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection with the use of this product.