All Purpose EOS Organic Cleaner

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Part Number:EOS-OC-5gal

All Purpose Organic Cleaner (5 Gallon)

All Purpose EOS Organic Cleaner is formulated for removal of all organic matter. Eliminates all musty basement odors.

All Purpose EOS Organic Cleaner is a water-based acid/oxidant that removes all organic matter such as Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Algae. It cleans off all organic materials and will prep (etch the concrete surface) a concrete surface for sealing and will not burn the brick or concrete matrix. All cleaned surfaces must be sealed to avoid re-growth.

All Purpose EOS Organic Cleaner can be used on new or old masonry as well as restoration/renovation applications. It will remove organic matter from basement paints, brick, concrete, stucco or mortar surfaces on new or old installations. It can be applied seven to ten days after initial installation as long as integral moisture content is below 20%. (All concrete/mortar must be cured.)


Use only a polyethylene or stainless steel containers and dispensing equipment. Apply by brush or low-pressure spray (30-psi max.) allowing 15 – 30 minutes for the cleaner to react with all the organic contaminants. Reapply and vigorously brush with a stiff deck brush.

Do not allow the cleaner to dry on heavy growth areas. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Exterior rinse may be done utilizing a high-pressure system (500-psi min.) Allow surface to dry and reapply if needed.